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Korak Restaurant in Jastrebarsko Gets Michelin Star

Adding to the illustrious list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Croatia is the esteemed Korak restaurant in Jastrebarsko. With a well-deserved reputation for culinary excellence, Korak has earned the prestigious Michelin star, further solidifying its position among the country’s finest dining establishments.

Korak Restaurant in Jastrebarsko Gets Michelin Star 1

Nestled in this picturesque setting, Korak captivates diners with its exceptional gastronomic offerings, showcasing the culinary prowess and artistry that have garnered international recognition. The Michelin star bestowed upon Korak stands as a testament to the dedication, creativity, and outstanding culinary experiences that await fortunate patrons who venture through its doors.

Korak Restaurant in Jastrebarsko is Another Croatian Place That Got Michelin Star

In an exciting development for Croatian gastronomy, the prestigious Michelin guide for Croatia has unveiled its latest edition, elevating the local culinary scene to new heights. Among the 89 esteemed restaurants featured in the guide, 11 have been awarded one Michelin star, reflecting their exceptional quality and mastery in the art of gastronomy. Furthermore, the guide bestows a coveted Bib Gourmand recommendation upon 14 establishments, three of which are newcomers, while 64 restaurants have received a recommendation from the renowned guide, with nine of them being newly recognized.

Korak Restaurant in Jastrebarsko Gets Michelin Star 2

A standout addition to the gastronomic landscape is the restaurant Korak, nestled in the town of Jastrebarski, specifically Plešivica. With great acclaim, this dining establishment, situated within the eponymous winery, has earned not only a Michelin star but also a green star for its commitment to sustainability. Michelin acknowledges the restaurant’s unwavering dedication to incorporating environmental consciousness into their culinary creations and processes. At Korak, the careful selection of ingredients sourced from their own garden takes center stage in crafting irresistibly tempting dishes. Striking a harmonious balance between honoring family traditions and embracing modernity, the restaurant embodies a deep appreciation for the country, its seasons, and the stories they tell. 

Korak Restaurant

The Michelin guide’s recognition further reinforces Croatia’s position as a culinary destination of note. Among the restaurants awarded a Michelin star in this year’s guide are Agli Amici, Alfred Keller, Boškinac, Draga di Lovrana, Korak, LD – Dimitri Lešić, Pelegrini, Monte, Nebo by Deni Srdoč, Noel, and Restaurant 360. These exceptional establishments showcase the pinnacle of culinary artistry, offering gastronomic experiences that are sure to delight the most discerning palates.

With the inclusion of these esteemed restaurants and the growing recognition of Croatian cuisine on the international stage, food enthusiasts can embark on a gastronomic journey that intertwines creativity, tradition, and a profound respect for the environment. The Michelin guide’s celebration of Croatia’s culinary excellence serves as a testament to the country’s vibrant gastronomic scene and promises unforgettable dining experiences that celebrate both the bounty of nature and the ingenuity of talented chefs.

Croatia's Culinary Ascendancy: Recognized Excellence in the MICHELIN Guide

This year, the discerning inspectors of the MICHELIN guide have observed a growing emphasis on the quality of local ingredients, as well as an increasing commitment among chefs and restaurant owners to seek out local farmers,” remarked Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of the MICHELIN guide. He further highlighted that whether it is restaurants adorned with a coveted MICHELIN star or bestowed with the esteemed Bib Gourmand label, the paramount focus remains on respecting and showcasing quality ingredients, as their dedicated teams strive to deliver exceptional gastronomic experiences. Poullennec went on to praise Croatia as an exemplary model of genuine sensitivity toward sustainability and ecological culinary practices.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants Promise an Exquisite Dining Experience
Michelin-Starred Restaurants Promise an Exquisite Dining Experience

In addition to the aforementioned accolades, the MICHELIN guide has expanded its recognition by including three additional restaurants on the Bib Gourmand list. As a result, Croatia now boasts a total of 14 esteemed restaurants bearing this coveted MICHELIN mark, which is bestowed upon establishments that offer remarkable menus at affordable prices.

The new MICHELIN guide stands as a testament to the fact that modern Croatian gastronomy is increasingly becoming one of the most captivating in Europe. It serves as an irresistible invitation for tourists seeking to relish the elements of Mediterranean and Central European culinary traditions, exceptional indigenous ingredients, and, above all, the creativity and passion of Croatian chefs, emphasized Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac. She further emphasized the significance of food and wine tourism in the Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy until 2030, highlighting its pivotal role in showcasing the diversity of Croatian gastronomy. Minister Brnjac extended her heartfelt congratulations to all those who were awarded stars this year, stating her belief that future MICHELIN guides will continue to feature new Croatian chefs who undoubtedly deserve the recognition.

In summary, the latest MICHELIN guide’s findings reflect the growing prominence and excellence of Croatian gastronomy, highlighting the nation’s commitment to sustainability, indigenous ingredients, and the culinary expertise that has captured the attention of discerning palates. The inclusion of Croatian restaurants in this prestigious guide serves as both recognition and inspiration for further advancement in the realm of gastronomy, propelling Croatia’s culinary scene to even greater heights.

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