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Where to go in Croatia considering the numerous options available

It may be difficult to decide where to go in Croatia for a weekend or a week-long holiday. But, we are here to help! We put together a short insider list with the most interesting places to experience. As you’ll soon see, there’s something for every mood or desire.

Where to go in Croatia

And, don’t forget that you can change the spot in a single day. Modern freeways, the large number of airports, and an organised transportation system to any significant corner of Croatia makes sure of that.

Where to go in Croatia if you want to have a drink next to a Hollywood star?

One stop. Dubrovnik. Or, as many know it, King’s Landing, from the popular TV show, Game of Thrones.

Old Town Dubrovnik
Old Town Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, at the very south of the Croatian Adriatic coast, is the ancient town with rich and exciting history. For decades, people from all over the world are coming to walk on its magnificent walls. Celebrities, royal, business, and political elite, find Dubrovnik the destination of choice.
Spectacular view from Dubrovnik's balconies
Spectacular view from Dubrovnik's balconies

It’s arguably one of the rarest places in the world where you can sit next to a Hollywood or a rock star and start a pleasant conversation.

Where to go in Croatia if you want to feel like a Roman Emperor?

There is a city, the second largest in Croatia, that has a widely popular seafront promenade. One of the reasons it attracts people to the terraces of many bars is the great Roman Palace, right behind them.

Old Town Split
Old Town Split
Just a short stroll through its corridors takes you back in time. You can actually feel how the great Roman Emperor Diocletian was spending his days in Split. Split presents a perfect balance between relaxation and excitement. Where to go in Croatia if you want to feel like a Roman Gladiator? Centuries ago, the Great Roman Empire was entertaining the citizens with cruel fights. One of those sites is still standing in Pula. It’s an ancient arena, a much smaller version of the great Roman Colosseum, at the very south tip of Istria.
The Pula Amphitheatre, the famous Pula Arena
The Pula Amphitheatre, the famous Pula Arena

The arena is still entertaining a crowd. However, the type of fun is quite different these days. Today, music and movies are what makes both plebeians and patricians congregate in this breathtaking amphitheater.
Where to go in Croatia if you want peace in natural surroundings?
What makes Croatia such an interesting country is the distinct difference in the climate in any season. The great mountain chain that stretches from the northwest of the coast all the way down beyond Dubrovnik, creates two quite different sensations. At the south, the climate is warm, Mediterranean.
On the north, however, things are quite different. Dense forests and the abundance of wildlife attract people who want to get away from the crowd and noise.

And it doesn’t really matter what time of the year is. Croatia has the only luxury ranch in Europe.

There’s something magical when you dip yourself in the hot tub under the night sky, while snow is gently falling all around you. You should definitely try it.

But don’t think for a second that you can’t spice things up. If you feel boredom knocking on the door, just go to Paklenica National Park for some good old rock climbing and cliff-hanging.

National Park Paklenica
National Park Paklenica

Then, after you satisfy your adrenaline needs, head north. There is a secret place inside the dense forestwhere nature is the sole designer. See something that cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet.

You will want to come back again, and again, and again to experience all four seasons, like many others from across the globe. Where to go in Croatia if you are looking for eco holidays?

Ecotourism is becoming increasingly popular. People want to connect with their origins and spend a week or two in a perfectly healthy environment.

Croatia is one of the leading European countries in ecotourism.

All villages are perfectly preserved over their hundreds of years of existence. People there are still living the healthy lifestyle of the past generations. And they keep their doors open for everyone looking to eat organic food and breathe the clean air.

Ecoturism - Organic food, fresh air and lots of adventure
Ecoturism - Organic food, fresh air and lots of adventure
In other words, it is a unique opportunity to have a great meal that doesn’t contain even a trace of chemicals. In addition, you can actively participate in the making of the legendary Slavonian and Baranian Kulen. It’s a one of a kind delicacy that will leave you speechless. Where to go in Croatia for Christmas and New Year? You should book a week in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. It’s arguably the only capital in the world where you won’t feel like a tourist.
Advent Lights in Zagreb
Advent Lights in Zagreb

Year after year, Zagreb sets the stage for the best Advent experience in Europe. Tens of thousands are rushing in to spend at least a week in a magical atmosphere of the Advent and Christmas in the city that converges rich history and modern lifestyle. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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And that’s just a glimpse of what Zagreb and Croatia respectively offer to you. Trust us, once you spend a week in Croatia, it’s going to be hard to go home. Many decide to move here permanently.
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However, if you are trying to find out which part of the Adriatic has the best beach, see what we believe are the Best Beaches in Croatia.

In any case, we are confident that you’ll find a perfect spot for your holidays.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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