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10 Interesting Facts About Croatia You Ought to Know

10 Interesting Facts About Croatia: Knowing these 10 important facts  will make your holidays in Croatia a much better experience.

So let us start with 10 interesting facts about Croatia!

Fact #1

Croatia is one of the world’s smallest yet funniest countries

127th largest in the world, Croatia is also the country where more than 5 minutes of conversation between two or more people simply cannot pass without at least one hilarious joke.

Croatian Jokes
Croatian Jokes
Croats and other nations of Southeast Europe are literally famous for telling jokes. It’s a culture thing. So, if you know a good one, tell it.

Fact #2

Croatia has more sunny days than Sidney, Australia

If you like the sun, you came to the right place. 2715 hours of sun a year. Plus, there’s the island of Hvar that’s one of the sunniest on the planet.

But do use the sunblock with high factor (30+). Especially if you are arriving during the summer season. Or you’ll look like a Chinese crab.

10 Interesting Facts About Croatia - One of the most important facts is a Fact #3

Given its size and population count, Croatia has one of the most diversified cuisines in the world.

From Mediterranean cuisine along the Adriatic coast to hot and spicy delis in the northeast that will make even a hardcore Mexican sweaty.

You can go to the extreme if you decide to take a 2-day trip to the north from the coast. People on the east have this tendency to use a load of chilly even in everyday stews.

Croatian Cuisines
Croatian Cuisines

Fact #4

Croatians are very sensitive when it comes to politics and their history. However…

If you want to join a group of locals and truly enjoy your holidays in Croatia, ask them to explain the War of Independence or anything from their history. Croats just love to explain that to foreigners because there’s a lot of misconceptions about Croats and Croatia thanks to some unfortunate decisions made in past.

By the time they finish, you’ll be knocked out. All that alcohol they kept pouring while chatting and eating with you, won’t have a good effect on your well-being. In the aftermath, you made yourself a couple of life-long friends that would do anything for you – even if they can’t remember your own last name.

Fact #5 - If you are a tourist in love with nature this fact from our list of 10 interesting facts about Croatia will astound you

The Croatian coast has over 1200 island with only 66 of them inhabited

So, if you don’t have anything against a quick boat trip, you can have an entire island and all its beaches just for yourself.

There are so many pristine islands right along the coast that it’s hard to choose.

However, if you are not seasoned sailor, we recommend that you hire someone who is to take you there. It’s easy to lose your barring and get stranded.

If that happens, there’s a life-saving mobile app to help you while on the sea you can use it to get immediate assistance or call for rescue. Or, you can just call 195.

Fact #6

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, visit Dubrovnik, the famous King’s Landing

The ancient fortified town of Dubrovnik has been chosen by the show’s producers as the perfect site for King’s Landing.

Take a stroll on the walls and experience the scenes from the famous show. See the magnificent architecture of the building known in the show as the Great Sept of Baelor that Cersei blew up.

Kings Landing
Kings Landing

Fact #7

Croats are all about homeland and patriotism

Forged through centuries of constant wars, Croats are very sensitive when it comes to defending their homeland in any sense of that word.

So, if you are not well acquainted with the history and prevailing beliefs and standpoints of Croats in such matters, steer away or at least tread lightly. Otherwise, you might unintentionally provoke an undesired response.

Croatian Flag
Croatian Flag

Fact #8

Croatia is 96% Catholic country

It’s also known in Christianity as “Antemurale Christianitatis” or Eng. “Bulwark of Christendom” due to its history of being the country that defended Christian Europe from the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years. Today’s Europe would be a much different place if it wasn’t for all those brave men and women who prevented the Ottomans from penetrating deep into the west and conquer the entirety of Europe. What’s important is that Croats are extremely traditional and conservative when it comes to religion. That is to say that they have zero tolerance for any attempt to challenge the dogma. At least a good portion of them.
Catholic Croatia
Catholic Croatia

For all lovers of inventions here is Fact #9 from our 10 interesting facts about Croatia list

Croatia is the birthplace of a necktie, mechanical pen, and the man behind induction motor and the Niagara Falls power plant.

The necktie men wear on special occasions were invented in Croatia. It was the part of the military uniform in the 17th century.

When the French court saw Croat mercenaries wearing this peculiar fashion accessory around their necks, called cravat, they immediately adopted it and the rest is history.

Before Slavoljub Penkala, writing a letter was a daunting task. Today, it’s easy to write fast without dripping the ink all over the paper thanks to Mr. Penkala. He also invented the first solid-ink fountain pen.

Nikola Tesla, one of the world’s most renowned and most famous inventors, was born in a small village in central Croatia. Our current lives would be unimaginable without Tesla’s many inventions.

Tie Made in Croatia
Tie Made in Croatia

Fact #10

Besides Ibiza, Croatia is the only Mediterranean country with 24/7 beach parties

In the past, Croatia was known as the destination for lazy holidays. Today, wherever you go, there’s a beach party going on with afterhours and some of them that never actually stop.

If you’re in for this kind of holiday, visit Žrće beach in Novalja on Pag island. Clubs Papaya and Neo with their prevailing British guests are waiting for you. Just mind the fact that young ladies are dressed extremely obscure if that.

Zrće Beach on Island Pag
Zrće Beach on Island Pag

There you have it. 10 Facts You Ought to Know About Croatia that will make your holiday a far greater experience. You’re welcome.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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