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The Dog Festival is Coming to Zagreb at the Beginning of October

Prepare to be immersed in a world of wagging tails as Zagreb brings you the highly anticipated Dog Festival! 🐶 🐾 

Zagreb’s beloved green haven for our furry friends, Trg Dr. Franje Tuđman, is set to transform into a canine wonderland on October 7th and 8th. Get ready for the extraordinary Festival of Dogs of All Breeds – a two-day extravaganza that promises a delightful mix of entertainment, education, and a heartfelt mission: pet adoption. 

Dog Festival 2

With the generous support of the ZOOCITY brand, the red carpet is being rolled out for our four-legged companions and their devoted human counterparts. Imagine a sprawling 100m2 training ground where professional dog trainers orchestrate exhilarating exercises for our canine friends. But that’s just the beginning – a treasure trove of activities and amenities awaits, including a luxurious ‘grooming’ zone and captivating photo spots designed to capture your heart.

Discover Your Fur-ever Friend: Zagreb's Inaugural Pet Adoption and Dog Festival

This inaugural Zagreb festival is poised to astonish and captivate its visitors. Eminent brands and manufacturers will proudly present their products, spanning premium pet sustenance and vital grooming essentials to trendy accessories. Yet, the primary spotlight will shine upon the booths of associations steadfastly dedicated to championing pet adoption. 


Over these two eventful days, dogs currently in the care of devoted volunteers will be on a quest to find their ‘forever homes.’ If the idea of welcoming a furry friend into your life has ever crossed your mind, consider this a warm invitation to explore the possibilities at Tuđmanac Square. 

By participating in this event, you become a voice for the compassionate cause of rescuing abandoned animals. For those who cherish the delightful company of dogs, a vibrant food court awaits, complete with DJ performances to elevate the ambiance. 

Workshops, Competitions, and Pet Paradise at Our Central Stage!

At the event’s core, a central stage will host presentations and workshops throughout the day. Distinguished experts will impart their wisdom on vital topics such as maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene, mastering grooming techniques, creating homemade dog treats, teaching tricks, and so much more. Discover how to select the perfect dog breed, explore innovative approaches to canine nutrition, and delve into the positive impact dogs have on a child’s development. 

Dog Festival 2

But it’s not all about serious matters. There is a carefully curated special entertainment program featuring a spirited ‘Happiest Dog’ contest and an exhilarating agility competition guaranteed to keep you entertained. 

This extraordinary gathering brings together a comprehensive spectrum of the dog world, from pet food manufacturers and pet shops to veterinarians, shelters, trainers, groomers, dog-friendly bakeries, and even canine-friendly accommodations – all converging in one magnificent locale.  

Dog Festival 2

Embrace a Croatian Canine Companion: Join the Zagreb Pet Adoption and Dog Festival!

Are you ready for an extraordinary experience that combines your love for travel with the chance to make a heartwarming difference in the lives of abandoned animals? Look no further than the Zagreb Pet Adoption and Dog Festival, an event that transcends borders and celebrates compassion. As a traveler in Zagreb, you have a unique opportunity to not only immerse yourself in the enchanting world of dogs but also consider the possibility of bringing a Croatian dog into your own family. 


This festival is more than just a celebration; it’s a chance to learn about pet care through enlightening workshops, witness the remarkable abilities of these four-legged friends in spirited competitions, and explore a bustling pet market where you can find top-notch veterinarians, trainers, and groomers. 

🐾 Plus, indulge in delectable dog-friendly treats and discover accommodations tailored to your furry companions. Join us at Tuđmanac Square for an unforgettable experience that will not only enrich your travels but may also bring a new, furry friend into your life. 

Book your stay and show love for every dog 🐶 💓! 

Your CTC Team

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