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Valentine’s Day in Croatia: A Guide to the Enchanting Destinations

Every February 14, people all over the world celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day. And what about Valentine’s Day in Croatia? Couples plan special things like going to restaurants, buying flowers, and even taking trips. Lots of folks think about the best places to go for a romantic Valentine’s getaway. If you’re wondering what makes a place perfect for Valentine’s Day, here are some things to consider: 

Valentine's Day in Croatia
  • Good transportation,
  • Places to stay,
  • Interesting and historical places to visit, and
  • Nice walks by the sea and beautiful natural sights.


While small, charming Dalmatian towns are great in the summer, they take a break during the winter. So, if you’re planning a cozy Valentine’s escape, we’ve got some lovely destinations along the Croatian coast for you to check out!  


Just 15 kilometers from Rijeka, you’ll find Opatija, the oldest tourist spot in Croatia and a perfect place for a Valentine’s Day visit. It’s like a fairy tale with a rich history, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and historic landmarks. The famous Lungomare, a long seaside promenade, is a standout natural beauty, offering a relaxing walk with the scent of pine trees and the taste of sea salt. Another natural gem is the Opatija Perivoj, a beautiful garden with plants from all over the world. 


For those who love history, the 12th-century Church of St. Jakov and Villa Angiolini, the starting point of Opatija tourism in 1844, are worth a visit. Don’t forget to capture your moments with a photo of the famous Girl with a Seagull statue and take a stroll in Opatija’s parks and the Croatian Walk of Fame, similar to Hollywood’s version. 

Make your Valentine’s Day in Croatia extra special by dining in one of Opatija’s renowned restaurants. They offer delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Don’t worry about a place to stay – there are plenty of apartments and vacation rooms to book for a romantic getaway. 


Šibenik is known as one of Croatia’s most beautiful medieval cities, dating back to the 11th century when it was first mentioned in King Petar Krešimir IV’s charter. Often called Krešimir’s town, Šibenik serves as the administrative center of Šibenik-Knin County. If you plan a visit during Valentine’s Day, you can explore two UNESCO World Heritage-listed landmarks. 

Valentine's Day in Croatia

One is the 15th-century Cathedral of St. Jakov in the old city center. The other is the fortress of St. Nikola, a medieval naval defense fortress on the islet of Ljuljevac, accessible by footpath and promenade. Šibenik offers more than just these landmarks. You can explore other fortresses, religious buildings, and the old town core. There are also romantic narrow Dalmatian streets and stone houses. 

Beyond historical tours, take a romantic stroll by the sea and enjoy breathtaking sunsets on Šibenik’s beaches, making your Valentine’s Day extra special. 


Trogir, just 30 kilometers from Split, is a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day, offering rich history and cultural treasures. Nestled on the island of Trogir, connected to the mainland by a stone bridge, its historical core made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. This charming city boasts romantic seafront promenades, numerous beaches, and beautiful nature, creating an enchanting atmosphere. 


As you explore Trogir’s old core, marvel at cultural gems like the 13th-century St. Lovre Cathedral, a key monument. Visit the Town Hall, Kaštel Kamerlengo, and the Tower of St. Marko. Accommodations, ranging from apartments to rooms with views of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, are plentiful. 

Trogir enjoys excellent traffic connections, with the Split airport just five kilometers away and the Adriatic highway passing through. It is linking Trogir to Split in the west and Šibenik, approximately 50 kilometers eastward. Make Trogir your Valentine’s Day retreat and experience the magic of this historical gem. 

Valentine's Day in Croatia: Ideas

Valentine's Day in Croatia
  • Romantic Dinner: Arrange for a private dinner on a terrace overlooking the sea or in a cozy restaurant with local Croatian cuisine.
  • Couples Massage: Book a couples’ spa day at a local wellness center or within the accommodation.
  • Stargazing: If your accommodation has a terrace or a quiet outdoor space, enjoy a night of stargazing together.
  • Wine Tasting: Explore local wineries or enjoy a wine tasting session with a selection of Croatian wines.
  • Candlelit Bubble Bath: Create a romantic atmosphere with a candlelit bubble bath in your accommodation’s luxurious tub.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Create a personalized scavenger hunt around the city, leading to significant places for both of you.
  • Couples Trivia: Test each other’s knowledge about your relationship with a customized trivia game.
  • Board Games for Two: Bring along compact board games for some cozy indoor entertainment.
  • Love Letters: Write love letters to each other and exchange them at a romantic spot during the trip.
  • Photography Challenge: Capture your favorite moments with a photography challenge. Create lasting memories of your Valentine’s Day in Croatia.

Valentine's Day in Croatia Can be Your Perfect February Vacation!


Indulge in a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day amidst the breathtaking beauty of Croatia. From exploring historic cities to savoring local flavors, Croatia offers the perfect backdrop for a love-filled escape. 


Book your Valentine’s Day retreat in Croatia now and embark on a journey filled with love, adventure, and the magic of this stunning destination. Seize the moment and make this Valentine’s Day extraordinary in Croatia – where love meets the allure of the Adriatic. 

Your CTC Team

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