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Eco Ethno Homestead: Reconnect with your family in special place

Eco Ethno Homestead is maybe unknown term to many people. This is why we decided to show you its beauty and uniqueness. Come with us on this journey and meet this fantastic way of spending quality family time on vacation.

Is it plausible to think that you are perhaps disconnected from your loved ones? I mean, this fast-paced world isn’t exactly known for its laid back nature, is it? Heck, me lady and I get to see each other an hour or two Monday to Friday.

Family Vacation
Family Vacation

In my experience, that’s not enough if you want to keep a healthy and passionate relationship and stay connected with your kids.

The day on the beach, or a week on it for that matter, is great, but…

There’s this great type of holiday that connects you all in the most wonderful way

Does your kid know how they make homemade cheese? How they are sourcing the main ingredient? Or how they plant a seed and then enjoy a giant organic tomato? I bet your kids never actually rode a pony or spend the day watching how geese and ducks are quarreling with each other and then a cat sneaks up and the whole hell breaks loose.

Yeah, that’s just a few minutes in the ordinary day in the countryside.

With 52% of the entire population residing in the urban areas, it’s no wonder why so many are booking a week or at least a weekend in a village.

But not any village and not any host...

Croatia is known as this beautiful touristic destination with a crystal clear blue sea and more than a thousand islands, yes? Did you know that the rapidly growing “branch” in the entire holidaying “industry” in Croatia is so-called, Eco-Ethno homesteads (and entire villages for that matter)? These villages are protected heritage because people living there are keeping the traditions alive. In other words, they are making their own food including but not limited to smoked delis such as bacon, ham, spicy sausages, and like gazillion other unbelievably tasty stuff. If you happen to drive through Slavonia in late November, you’ll see yards crowded with people, steam coming out of cauldrons, and sausages hanging all over the place. According to Slavonians, “It’s-the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-yeeear.”
Eco Ethno Homestead
Eco Ethno Homestead

Some of them are offering accommodation with full-stack service.

And some are even inviting their guests to “roll up the sleeves and dig in” sort of speak. In other words, they’ll have no problem letting you in on their secrets and traditions as long as you are having fun participating.

Now, what would something like that look like?

What would the day in such a homestead be like?

For the starter, you are waking up to the crowing of the rooster and the song of the early morning birds. The cock in charge comes out and announces his presence to the world. Once, twice, and up you go!

You’re slowly opening your eyes…

Not a sound of traffic. There isn’t even a hint of that familiar and sometimes annoying rush hour. Something is different here. It’s almost unnaturally quiet.

And then, this amazing aroma hits your nose. What is it? What smells so damn good?

The good hostess is preparing breakfast for you and your gang.

Homemade Breakfast
Homemade Breakfast
You can expect homemade produce cooked in a traditional way; probably something you haven’t been able to experience so far. And it’s gonna be one of those “Daaaamn girl!” moments, believe you me. I mean, I’m from Slavonia and I’m making my own delis at my own countryside ranch but we spend the weekend in some eco homestead nevertheless. It’s priceless to gather around the traditionally decorated dining table while the good lady is bringing like dozens of different meals just for breakfast. You start thinking, “My God, what is she planning to serve for lunch? Will I have to shop for some XXL sizes after this holiday?”

And that’s just food. Wait to see and experience the rest of the day.

One thing will leave you in awe for sure…you’ll realize how laid back they all are and how easy the pace is.

Still, they have more than you’ll ever have as long as you are living the modern, urban, career type of life. I mean, people are wrongly assuming how life in the countryside is harsh and unforgiving. In the same time, they are completely forgetting about the fact that they are spending 9 hours on their jobs where someone is organizing their every minute. Our good hosts simply don’t care about setting a defined hour for a break. If they want to sit down and have a drink, they’ll just do it. If they don’t feel like doing something right now, they’ll postpone it. There’s nobody there to order them otherwise like it’s the case with jobs.

Eco-Ethno Holiday
Eco-Ethno Holiday
Yes, it’s that cool and you and your family have this unique opportunity to see this firsthand. But not only. There are much more fun activities to do with your family… Think about it for a while and when you finally realize what I and thousands of others already realized, give us a call and we’ll organize everything for you. You just need to specify a few preferences and that’s it. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through every step. Talk soon! Your CTC Team, I.K.
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