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INMUSIC Festival – a great festival for a great city in Croatia!

INMUSIC Festival is one of the key reasons why many young people come to Croatia. This unique festival offers plenty of fun to everyone. Zagreb – the city in the center of Croatia, our metropolis and capital, famous for its many cultural sights, its greatness and one of the most beautiful Advents. It deservedly won the title for the best Advent for two years in a row! In addition to all this, it also offers to its visitors a delicacy in the music scene.
Zagreb - the Capital of Croatia
Zagreb - the Capital of Croatia
Of course, it is not the only one, but it is certainly the most famous and the most visited festival in Croatia – the one and only INMUSIC Festival. Although it is well known that the city is empty in the summer and everyone runs to the coast, but not during the festival, precisely the 24th to the 26th of June. This cult rock & indie festival gathers performers and visitors from all over the globe.

INMUSIC Festival takes place on the open-air stages at Lake Jarun, which allows visitors to enjoy the summer atmosphere. Imagine the following scene: it’s night, summer, you’re standing under the starry sky, you catch up with the music you love and around you a beautiful green meadow, the lake and your party-crew! Could you think of something better !?

In Music Festival
In Music Festival

The rock, punk, pop, ska and other genres of music artists perform on three stages – there is something for everyone!

This year, performers such as The Cure, Foals, Kurt Villa, LP, Frank Turner, Peter Bjorn and many other famous names will be here! It should also be mentioned that the IN MUSIC FESTIVAL has been recognized and awarded by many renowned world magazines and portals.

Why? Because it connects the compatible and the incompatible, young and old, calm and crazy, ordinary and extraordinary. A real rhapsody of experiences!

Variety of Music Performers
Variety of Music Performers
Regarding accommodation, depending on your own preferences and possibilities, book your hotel room or private appartment. If you want to meet new people (and I’m sure do!) a hostel is the best choice. Zagreb offers plenty of hostels, and each one is special, so you will definitely be satisfied!
Accomodation that Suits your Needs
Accomodation that Suits your Needs
Our recommendation – chose camping and be in touch with nature. Look for ticket package as soon as possible on authorized online shops or travel agencies. Hurry up and book your place on the INMUSIC Festival! Your CTC Team, L.R.
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