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Outlook festival – just positive vibes and positive minds

At the middle of summer, there is a big surprise for you from the 27th July till the 1sh of August! In 2023 Tisno a is hosting the most famous festival of bass music and sound system culture – the Outlook Festival. It is also called Outlook Origins Festival these days.

Outlook Festival Pula
Experience great nature sights surrounded by beautiful beaches + ten different stages + your favorite music gives you the experience that can’t be explained in words – you really, but really, have to feel it!!!

This festival featured over 300 performers from all around the world. Amy Becker, Bugzy Malone, Goldie, and Andy C, Flohio to mention just a few…

Except just having fun in the late, early and daily hours (non stop!), there are also daily boat parties that host DJ’s from the festival and give you a chance to have fun sailing along the coast while listening to your favourite music.

Experience the Outlook Festival

Outlook Origins is the perfect combination of a quality music event and a holiday; unmissable boat parties as well as a nighttime programme. Taking place in Croatia, the festival attracts bass music fans from across the globe to enjoy the best in drum & bass, dubstep, reggae, grime, ukg, hip hop and beyond.

The Zerostrasse
Accommodation units in Tisno are located at every step, so it’s on you just to choose if you want to stay in a hotel, hostel, private apartment, campsite or a mobile home type unit. If you are more adventurous and want to experience the festival firsthand, our recommendation is definitely the unique festival tents!
Get Lazy _ Relax
Get Lazy _ Relax

It should be noted that the Outlook festival was repeatedly nominated and awarded as the best festival by various famous magazines and festival organizers, and certainly, the biggest award is the UK Festival Award for the best foreign festival!

If you decided to come, you can check your tickets online or give us a call and we’ll arrange everything for you.. The only condition is – do it as soon as possible!

We are waiting for you!

Your CTC Team, L.R.

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