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Best beaches of Korčula: Visit them by boat

The best beaches of Korčula, an island located in the south of Dalmatia, are destinations that we are proud to present to you today. Recently, Korčula has become one of those places that tourists (Croats and foreigners) are very happy to return to, since it offers a perfect combination of magical beaches, clear sea and cultural assets. Apart from beaches and culture, Korčula also offers fantastic restaurants where fresh fish and other seafood are prepared every day – a paradise for every gourmand!

First, find out some short and important facts about the island:

Best beaches of Korčula

– Mild climate with Mediterranean characteristics (July is the warmest month – ideal for visiting Korčula), as many as 2,700 hours of sunshine per year


– As much as 61% of the surface is covered with forest and maquis, the animal world is diverse: wild animals (pheasants, rabbits, wild ducks…), fish, crabs, shells, sea urchins


– Important ingredients: olive oil, home-made brandy (“lozovača”), “prikle”: oil-fried pinches enriched with raisins and almonds, various wild plants are also used for medicine, i.e. spices and teas: rosemary, laurel, basil, sage, mint, marjoram, candied orange and lemon peel


– Every year in Korčula, traditional carnival events are held (masked dance (Maškare)), Moreška (fencing dance), Kumpanija (knight dance), Mostra (only in the village of Žrnovo, also dance with swords)


– The island is rich in museums: the Museum of the City of Korčula, The Abbey Treasury of St. Mark in the city of Korčula, Museum collections of the Vela Luka cultural center, Marco Polo Museum in the city of Korčula, Birthplace of Marco Polo in the city of Korčula, Icon Museum in the city of Korčula, Ethnographic collection of Barilo in Blato, Ethnographic collection of Pavel Šain in Žrnov, Ethnographic collection of olive growing and Zlokić Oil Works in Vela Luka, Memorial Collection of Maksimilijan Vanka in the town of Korčula

We started our search for the best beaches of Korčula next to the hotel

We stayed at the famous Marko Polo hotel
We stayed at the famous Marko Polo hotel

The hotel where we stayed is named after the Venetian writer, traveler and explorer Marco Polo. What you are probably interested in is – why would Croats name their hotel after an Italian? There is a very good reason for that. Namely, the exact place of birth of this historical giant is actually unclear and has remained a subject of speculation to this day. Most historians agree that he was definitely born in the Republic of Venice, however, what they disagree about is the exact city of birth, so some of them believe that he was born in the city of Korčula on the island we are writing about today.

Hotel Marko Polo carries the label of a 4-star hotel, so we can say that it is a very comfortable place to rest. What we liked the most, and what suited our needs, was certainly the fact that the hotel is located a few minutes’ walk from the center of the old town and the beaches where we could swim. Since we arrived on the island a little before lunch, we decided that we would first walk to the beach, which was only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Banje beach

Best beaches of Korčula Banje

The beach that stood out as the first destination was Banje beach. We must admit that we did not expect much from this beach, however – we were wrong. It is a pebble beach with a relatively shallow sea and a good entrance to the sea. From the beach, there is a view of the hotels on the right and the wooded areas that exude beauty and freshness. We were lucky to find the beach relatively deserted, which meant that we could leave our things anywhere.

To whom would we recommend this beach?

Families with children will find this beach an ideal position since there are no sharp rocks or cliffs, the sea is relatively shallow, and there is also the proximity of the city in case of need.

Beaches in Lumbarda

View of Pelješac
View of Pelješac

Lumbarda is perhaps one of the most famous areas on the island of Korčula and definitely belongs on the list of the best beaches of Korčula. Specifically, we are talking about two sandy beaches – Bilin Žal and Vela Pržina. Bilin Žal enchanted us because the view from it extends towards Pelješac and the islets of Školji. This is also a favorite bathing spot of the locals (this tells you all you need to know – if you want to see the best spots, ask the locals). Vela Pržina beach is surrounded by vineyards and crystal clear sea facing the open sea. Considering that it is the most famous beach, you can expect many bathers here, the possibility of renting sunbeds and a cafe for refreshments.

Who would we recommend these beaches to?

Bilin Žal is known for its shallow entrance to the sea, and part of the beach consists of concrete slabs. There is also a restaurant nearby where you can eat something. This is a quiet beach that we would definitely recommend to those who hate noise and just want to relax in peace. Families with children will also enjoy Bilin Žala.

We recommend Vela Pržina to those who don’t mind crowds and a large number of bathers. It is ideal for larger groups of people – for example, young people traveling to the sea with a few friends. You can also meet new people here. If you are more of a lone wolf, avoid this beach.

Beach Pupnatska Luka – Pupnat

Crystal clear sea in Pupnat
Crystal clear sea in Pupnat

Pupnat is a beach located in a bay on the southern side of the island, but don’t let that fool you – it is extremely easy to get to because of the newly renovated road that leads to the beach from Pupnat, an old town in the interior of the island. Above the beach there is a large parking lot, sanitary facility, two small restaurants / snack bars, where you can drink a refreshing drink and eat a simple meal in the shade, with the possibility of renting kayaks, sunbeds and umbrellas. What particularly amazed us was that Pupnatska Luka, surrounded by crystal clear sea and lush Mediterranean vegetation, offers sources of drinking water! You can’t even imagine what a privilege it was to drink spring water and refresh yourself with it on such a hot day. The beach has a view of the archipelago of the island of Lastovo towards the south, and is protected by Croatian laws as a natural landscape, with no plans for any construction in the future.

Source: Ferry Croatia

To whom would we recommend Pupnat?

If you come to Korčula by boat, yacht or sailboat, you won’t have any problems getting to this beach. If you came here without a car, it might be a good idea to rent a vehicle if you can – if not, it might be better to bypass it. In any case, lovers of nature and peace will like the beach, because even in high season it is possible to find a place where you can be alone and in silence.

Žitna beach

Best beaches of Korčula Žitna

Žitna is a deep bay that hides one of the most romantic beaches on the island. It is located not far from the center of Zavalatica. You can reach it by car (there is a parking lot above the beach) or on foot from Zavalatica (a 10-minute walk). It is a pebble beach surrounded by lush vegetation, hidden from view from the sea. There are no facilities in the bay, so you can fully indulge in enjoying nature.

To whom would we recommend Zitna?

It is an ideal destination for those who prefer pebble beaches and peace. There are no facilities here such as cafes, restaurants or skiing, so you will enjoy the tranquility at Žitna. We prepared for our visit to this beach in the best possible way – we prepared the food and drinks that we consumed ourselves.

What did we like the most?

Old town Korčula Best beaches of Korčula
Old town Korčula

Žitna Beach is our favorite! Peace and being surrounded by nature is what won us over. We came on summer vacation to recharge our batteries, so the beaches full of bathers were actually repulsive to us (although Vela Pržina is an enchanting place), and we found what we were looking for exactly on Žitna. This is also a beach that we were happy to return to, we used to disembark from the ship and rest on it, and sometimes we just swam in the sea near the beach. In any case, nobody bothered us and we didn’t bother anyone – complete bliss!

If you want to experience Korčula – contact us now and we will plan your trip!

Your CTC Team, A.M.

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