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Royal Clipper in Zadar!

The Royal Clipper, a magnificent cruise vessel, boasts a five-masted, fully rigged tall ship design with a steel hull. Designed by the skilled hands of Robert McFarlane of McFarlane ShipDesign, this majestic vessel found her purpose with Star Clippers Ltd. of Sweden, a company that entrusted McFarlane with their first two vessels as well. What makes her even more remarkable is her transformation – she started as an existing steel hull design by Zygmunt Choreń, a piece of maritime history modified by the skilled craftsmen at the Gdańsk Shipyard. In their capable hands, 24 meters were added to her length, giving her the awe-inspiring stature she now commands. 

But her journey began in an unexpected place. Once, under the banner of Polish communist authorities, she bore the name “Gwarek” and was conceived as a floating haven for miners seeking respite. Eventually, she changed hands due to financial challenges, finding herself at the Merwede shipyard, where her interior was painstakingly completed in July 2000, right in the heart of London’s Pool. This transformation included breathtaking frescography murals by the talented Rainer Maria Latzke, infusing the ship with the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean.

Royal Clipper
Royal Clipper
Source: Ivan T.

Her design pays homage to the iconic Preussen, a legendary German five-mast Flying P-Liner windjammer dating back to 1902. Star Clippers proudly declares her as the grandest “true sailing ship” since the days of Preussen. In fact, the Guinness World Records bears witness to her grandeur, acknowledging her as the largest square-rigged ship currently in service, with an astonishing 5,202 square meters (55,990 square feet) of sail. Remarkably, this vast sea of canvas can be gracefully handled by a crew as modest as twenty, thanks to clever powered controls. 

Now, where does this magnificent vessel whisk her fortunate passengers off to?

In the summer, the Royal Clipper dances through the enchanting waters of the Mediterranean. As winter wraps its chilly fingers around the northern hemisphere, she sets sail for the Caribbean, tracing a path through the sun-kissed southern parts of the Lesser Antilles. Her size is her secret weapon – it allows her to grace smaller ports, hidden gems unreachable by the giant motorized cruise ships. And for the truly adventurous, she offers transatlantic crossings, offering a taste of the golden age of travel in a vessel born anew for modern explorers. 

Star Clippers proudly emphasizes that the ‘Royal Clipper’ is the planet’s largest sailing ship that truly relies on wind power for propulsion. It has secured a prestigious entry in the Guinness Book of Records for its immense sail area, spanning an impressive 5,202 square meters.

Royal Clipper is Currently in Zadar

A colossal sailing vessel, boasting a place in the Guinness Book of Records, currently rests at anchor in the picturesque harbor of Zadar. This remarkable vessel graces the Zadar waterfront. It holds the distinction of possessing the largest sail surface area among all known sailing ships, a remarkable achievement documented in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Royal Clipper stretches an impressive 134.8 meters in length, but what truly sets it apart is its staggering sail area, which spans 5,202 square meters across five majestic masts. This extraordinary feat earned it a well-deserved place in the Guinness Book of Records back in 2001.

Zadar Harbour Sorce Matti Blume Wikipedia
Zadar Harbour
Source: Matti Blume

Accommodating up to 227 guests, this grand sailing ship also offers an expansive 1,760 square meters of open deck space. Adding to its allure, it features three inviting swimming pools and luxurious spa facilities. For those curious but unable to embark on a seven-day voyage priced at more than HRK 20,000, the ship’s owners generously provide a virtual tour on their website, allowing everyone to experience its splendor from the comfort of their screens.

A Truly Magnificent Vessel

Historical Design: The Royal Clipper’s design is inspired by the historic tall ships of the 19th century, particularly the German ship ‘Preussen’ from 1902. This design choice gives the ship a timeless and romantic appeal that attracts those who appreciate maritime history and classic sailing.

Royal Clipper 2

Source: Wikipedia

Largest Sailing Ship: The Royal Clipper holds the distinction of being the largest fully rigged sailing ship in the world that relies on wind power for propulsion. This fact alone is a major draw for tourists interested in maritime engineering and sailing traditions. Its massive sail area of 5,202 square meters is an impressive sight and has earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Luxurious Amenities: While the Royal Clipper pays homage to the past in its design, it offers contemporary luxury amenities that appeal to modern travelers. With spacious cabins, three swimming pools, spa areas, and a variety of dining options, the ship provides a high level of comfort and entertainment.

Royal Clipper Interior
Royal Clipper Interior
Source: Wikipedia

Cruise Itineraries: The Royal Clipper offers a range of cruise itineraries to destinations in various parts of the world, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. This allows tourists to explore diverse cultures and landscapes while enjoying the unique experience of sailing on a historic-style ship.

Virtual Tours: For those who may not be able to afford a cruise on the Royal Clipper, the ship’s owners offer virtual tours on their website. This provides an opportunity for people to explore the ship’s interior and exterior, fostering interest and attracting potential future guests.

Photogenic Beauty: The Royal Clipper’s stunning appearance, with its towering masts and billowing sails, makes it a popular subject for photographers and Instagram enthusiasts. Its presence in picturesque harbors like Zadar further enhances its visual appeal.

Romantic Atmosphere: The ship’s ambiance, with its traditional decor and the sense of adventure associated with sailing, creates a romantic atmosphere that appeals to honeymooners and couples seeking a unique and memorable vacation experience.

In summary, the Royal Clipper’s combination of historical design, modern amenities, and its status as the largest sailing ship in the world make it a captivating tourist attraction for those with an interest in maritime history, adventure, and luxury travel. Its charm and grandeur continue to draw travelers from around the globe.

If in Zadar – Come and See Royal Clipper!

If you find yourself basking in the beauty of Zadar’s coastal charms, there’s an unmissable gem waiting to grace your visit—the Royal Clipper. A stunning blend of history and luxury, she stands as a testament to the artistry of naval design and the grandeur of sailing. With her record-breaking sails billowing in the breeze, she embodies the romance of the high seas and invites you to step aboard for an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss your chance to witness this maritime masterpiece up close; make the Royal Clipper a must-see during your Zadar adventure. Book your tour today and set sail into a world of wonder!

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