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Exploring Mato Lovrak Cultural Center with the Whole Family

Mato Lovrak Cultural Cente ris one of those places you should definitely visit if you are in Croatia with your family. Mato Lovrak was a prominent Croatian writer and educator, particularly celebrated for his contributions to children’s literature. Lovrak’s fame in Croatia can be attributed to his exceptional storytelling skills and his significant impact on the world of children’s literature. He was a pioneer in creating literature specifically tailored for young readers. He introduced captivating narratives that combined adventure, imagination, and moral lessons. 

And now – about our adventure!

Exploring Mato Lovrak Cultural Center with the Whole Family 4
Source: Štefan Brajković

Imagine being right there with us in Veliki Grđevac – the very birthplace of Mato Lovrak. Iti s a gem drawing in thousands of students and adults from across Croatia throughout the year. We were there, immersed in the magic of Lovrak’s legacy. 

The town pulsates with life, especially during Lovrak’s cultural days. And stepping into the memorial room dedicated to Lovrak? It’s like stepping into the heart of his literary world. We felt the reverence for this classic of children’s literature, and it was contagious. 

But the surprises kept coming. The “Mill of the Society of Pero Kvržica” stood proudly, an exact replica restored by Pero and his „družba“. It wasn’t just a mill; it was a symbol of friendship and community – a living connection to Lovrak’s time. 

And then, there it was – the centerpiece of the Lovrak Center – a railway track hosting a steam locomotive and three wagons. It was like walking into the scenes of Lovrak’s “Train in the Snow.” We were there, witnessing Lovrak’s imagination brought to life. 

Whispers of Time and Tales: A Journey Through Lovrak's Legacy in Veliki Grđevac

The charm didn’t stop with the locomotive. We explored a reconstructed traditional miller’s house, enjoyed a children’s playground, and discovered smaller ethnographic wonders scattered around. It wasn’t just a visit; it was a journey through time. 

Exploring Mato Lovrak Cultural Center with the Whole Family 4
Source: Štefan Brajković

Now, picture the setting – a forested haven along the Grđevica stream, a tributary of the Česma river. The Lovrak Center is a cultural hub and a place where nature intertwines with history. We could almost hear Lovrak’s characters whispering in the rustling leaves. Schools from all over Croatia show immense interest, and it’s not hard to see why. The Lovrak Center isn’t just a tourist spot. It is a cultural-educational-tourism hub, proudly showcasing the region and preserving the legacy of Mato Lovrak for generations. 

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit
Source: Štefan Brajković

Throughout the year, you can be a part of the excitement as the Mato Lovrak Center. In the warmth of summer and autumn, it’s all about “Mlin Družba Pere Kvržice.” As winter and spring cast a frosty spell, the spotlight shifted to the captivating “Train in the Snow.” Being there in Veliki Grđevac wasn’t just witnessing; it was participating in a celebration, a tribute to the doyen of children’s novels, Mato Lovrak. And let us tell you, we were delighted witnesses to this literary marvel! 

Mato Lovrak

Mato Lovrak was born as Ivan Lovrak on July 22, 1899, in Veliki Grđevac. His literary career unfolded during a period of significant cultural and social changes. He played a pivotal role in shaping Croatian children’s literature. 

Lovrak’s work primarily focused on creating engaging and educational stories for young readers. His writing style was characterized by a deep understanding of children’s psychology. That enabled him to craft narratives that resonated with his audience. One of his most celebrated works is the novel “Družba Pere Kvržice” (The Companionship of Pero Kvržica), published in 1932. This novel tells the story of a group of children and their adventures, exploring themes of friendship, courage, and growing up.  

Source: Štefan Brajković

The characters in Lovrak’s stories often embodied virtues and values, making his works not only entertaining but also morally instructive. His ability to weave imaginative tales with valuable life lessons contributed to the enduring popularity of his books among young readers and educators alike

Lovrak's Culture Days

Every year, as May fades into June, the Mato Lovrak Center transforms into a hub of cultural celebration during Lovrak’s days of culture. The primary objective? To immerse visitors in the essence of Lovrak’s character and explore the tapestry of his literary works. 

At the heart of Lovrak’s Culture Days is the vibrant Creativity Fair hosted within the Mato Lovrak Center. Picture this: a showcase of local souvenirs and handicrafts that captures the essence of the region. The fair doesn’t stop there – it hosts an art and sculpture colony, adding an artistic flair to the festivities. 

Exploring Mato Lovrak Cultural Center with the Whole Family 4
Source: Štefan Brajković

And hold onto your hats because it’s not just about aesthetics! There’s a rich cultural and entertainment program that adds a sprinkle of magic to the atmosphere. From performances to exhibitions, every nook and cranny of the fair is buzzing with creativity. But let’s not forget the gastronomic delights that tantalize the taste buds. Lovrak’s Culture Days ensure that your culinary journey is as rich as the cultural experience. It offers a feast that mirrors the diversity of Croatian flavors. 

Now, here’s the cherry on top – the Lovrak Center and the interpretation room of Mato Lovrak. The room is located in the “Mato Lovrak” Primary School. It’s not just a local affair. Visitors from Croatia and across the globe, including Europe, make their way to soak in the literary and cultural heritage embedded in every corner. 

So, mark your calendars because Lovrak’s Culture Days isn’t just an event; it’s an invitation to experience the soul of Lovrak’s world. From artistry to gastronomy, it’s a celebration that transcends borders and welcomes everyone to revel in the cultural richness of Mato Lovrak’s legacy. 

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