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Discover the Charms of Croatia’s Deer Valley in the New Year

Deer Valley is located just a short 12-kilometer drive from Plitvice Lakes in the charming village of Drežnik Grad. Spanning 15 hectares, this picturesque property is managed by the Bićanić family since 2009. It is a haven for roe deer, fallow deer, and countless hinds.  

Deer Valley

Your hour-and-a-half tour around the ranch promises delightful encounters with over 100 friendly animals. The Bićanićs, known for their warm hospitality, invite you to mingle with the animals, feed them by hand, and capture memorable photos. 

To top it off, enjoy a post-tour treat with homemade delicacies, natural juices, and spirits crafted by the Bićanići family and their neighbors. With prices starting at just 13.27 euros for adults and teens over 15, Deer Valley promises an enchanting escape into nature’s embrace.  

Deer Valley: Guardians of Croatia's Wilderness Symphony

In the heart of Croatia, deer play a captivating role in the vibrant tapestry of our ecosystems. These majestic creatures, like those found in the enchanting Deer Valley, are more than just symbols of natural beauty. They are key players in maintaining a healthy and balanced environment. 

Did you know that deer are crucial for the growth of our forests? As they roam and graze, they help control the vegetation, allowing diverse plant life to thrive. Their feeding habits contribute to the well-being of our woodlands, promoting a harmonious coexistence between flora and fauna.  


Moreover, the annual phenomenon known as “rika,” is not just a charming melody. It’s a vital part of their social structure. During this time, stags compete for the attention of hinds. This not only ensures the continuation of their species but also contributes to the overall health of the deer population. 

TAs visitors explore Deer Valley and witness these magnificent creatures, they are not just observing wildlife. They are witnessing a crucial chapter in the delicate balance of our ecosystems. So, when you marvel at the beauty of deer in Croatia, remember that they are not just graceful beings. They are environmental stewards, nurturing the landscapes that make our country so uniquely breathtaking. 


Do You Know What is Rika?

In the enchanting lands of Croatia, a magical phenomenon begins as August bids farewell. A love song echoing through the lowland hunting grounds, a melody known as “rika” among the deer. This romantic serenade, a heartfelt anthem of the stags, extends its resonance for a month. In the mountains, the symphony of rika begins a little later. It paints the landscapes with nature’s ballad towards the end of September. 


As nature takes its course, the stags return to the realms of the graceful hinds, orchestrating a dance of love. In poetic gatherings, the stags form harems, captivating the hearts of the females. Their courtship is a spectacle of roars, parallel walks, and gentle battles. 

The stags, brimming with passion, engage in magnificent battles. A majestic clash of antlers can lead to both profound injuries and, at times, even the solemn embrace of death. Yet, in this dance of life and love, a victor emerges, earning the right to gather his cherished harem. It’s a chapter of the wilderness’ love story, written in the language of nature and sung by the heart of the deer. 

Deer Valley

Family Adventures at Deer Valley: A Wildly Wonderful Escape

Embark on a magical journey with your loved ones at Deer Valley, where nature’s wonders and family fun collide. This enchanting haven offers a unique blend of wildlife encounters and outdoor escapades. Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they witness over 100 friendly roe deer, fallow deer, and hinds. Create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Deer Valley

The Deer Valley ranch tour, lasting about an hour and a half, promises an exciting exploration of nature’s wonders. The Bićanić family welcome families with open arms. Watch as your little ones marvel at the harmonious mingling of deer species. They will enjoy the chance to feed these gentle creatures by hand. It’s a perfect opportunity for families to bond, share stories, and savor the flavors of Croatia. 

For an enriching and unforgettable family escape, Deer Valley is your gateway to a world where nature, wildlife, and family joy come together in perfect harmony. Come, explore, and create cherished moments amidst the natural beauty of Deer Valley. 

Your CTC Team

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