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Sustainable Stays in Croatia: Carbon Footprint Assessment in Hotels

Sustainable stays in Croatia are becoming a reality with initiatives like the ‘Decarbonization of Family and Small Hotels’ project. The project is helping hotel owners save money and make their places more eco-friendly. The National Association of Family and Small Hotels, which has over 200 members out of the total 400 family and small hotels in Croatia, introduced this project in a virtual workshop. 

Sustainable Stays in Croatia

A few years ago, these hotels started a new trend called Eco Green Hotels, showing their commitment to being environmentally friendly. Now, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, they’re taking another big step. They want to be pioneers by measuring the carbon footprint of their hotels and areas. This means figuring out how much their activities contribute to greenhouse gases. By doing this, they aim to help Europe reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent compared to 1990 levels, as part of the green plan. The ultimate goal is for Europe to become the first continent with zero net carbon emissions by 2050.  

Introducing the new Green Transformation Certificate!

Now, family and small hotels in Croatia have a chance to show their commitment to being eco-friendly. There’s a new way to do this called the DOMH (Decarbonization of Family and Small Hotels) methodology. It’s like a set of guidelines to help hotels reduce the carbon dioxide they release into the air. 


Here’s how it works: Hotel owners who want to join in can follow the DOMH method. After an independent auditor checks their calculations every year, they can get one of two certificates. One says, “This hotel measures its carbon footprint,” and the other says, “This hotel measures and reduces its carbon footprint.” To earn these certificates, hotel owners need to calculate their carbon footprint. This means figuring out how much carbon dioxide is produced based on things like the size of the hotel, the number of rooms, and the energy used. It’s a valuable label that more and more people will look for when choosing a place to stay.

All families and small hotels can get the new certificate if they join our project, even if they already have the Eco Green Hotel certificate. I’m happy that many of our members are interested in this project. A lot of hotel owners attended the first workshop. It shows that small tourism businesses know about climate change. They want to actively help reduce greenhouse gases, save money, and assure guests that they’re working to make their destination better,” shared Šime Klarić, the president of the National Association of Family and Small Hotels. 

Understanding the Impact: Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Family and Small Hotels for a Sustainable Future

Changes in the climate can affect how places develop, especially when it comes to tourism. At a workshop, it was highlighted that tourism is closely linked to the environment, and things like the weather can have a big impact on travel destinations. 


A new initiative proposes that family and small hotels consider the entire process of their impact on the environment. They want these hotels to figure out their carbon footprint, which means understanding how much they contribute to climate change. The idea is not just to calculate this footprint but also to involve guests in making a positive impact.  

The goal is to make guests aware of how they can help reduce the effects of the hotel business on the climate during their stay. This way, hotel owners can better understand their connection to the environment through the carbon emissions produced by their business. Robert Verbanec, an independent consultant, shared these insights as part of efforts to make family and small hotels more eco-friendly.


Sustainable Stays in Croatia

Sustainable Stays in Croatia

The ‘Decarbonization of Family and Small Hotels’ project marks a significant stride towards sustainable stays in Croatia. The National Association of Family and Small Hotels, with its commitment to eco-friendly initiatives, is driving positive change in the hospitality industry. From pioneering the trend of Eco Green Hotels to introducing the DOMH methodology and the Green Transformation Certificate, these efforts showcase a collective dedication to environmental responsibility. 

Take the first step towards eco-friendly hospitality. Embrace sustainable stays and be a part of the change! 

Your CTC Team

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