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BAŠ NAŠ FESTIVAL delights us every year

BAŠ NAŠ festival is one of the most famous and beloved festivals that Zagreb hosts every spring on the famous Gradec plateau. We visit it every year to have a good time with fantastic music, drinks and food, and enjoy the great energy that the festival abounds in. This year was no exception.


Another good thing about the BAŠ NAŠ festival is certainly the fact that it is located on the most interesting open stage in Zagreb, which offers a view of the entire city. For this reason, you can also enjoy the cultural assets of this part of the Croatian capital while drinking and socializing. We don’t need to emphasize too much that it is a top place where you will be able to meet many people from public life and enjoy the best musical guests, and this year some of the performers who entertained the visitors were Cubismo, Yakka, Indy, Luca Goya, BMJ and many others.

Very important: Entrance to BAŠ NAŠ is completely free!

This time we arrived at BAŠ NAŠ a little earlier than usual

In previous years, we would always come to the festival in the early evening, so we could rarely find a free seat. In order to avoid that this year and finally sit at a table with a good view, we decided to meet in front of the funicular at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as we appeared on the Gradec plateau, we realized that it was a great idea because this time, unlike all past years, we could finally choose where to sit instead of nervously looking at the full tables hoping that someone would get up. We decided on a table in the middle of the plateau in order to have a view of everything happening around us.


Given that it was still relatively early, there was much less crowd around us which we totally understand considering the unbearable heat we are witnessing these days. Most people simply don’t leave the house before the evening, which is why concerts are held after 8 o’clock in the evening. Although we have come here every year for the good music, this time we simply wanted to rest and chat while drinking a refreshing cocktail. Some of us also ordered burgers with fries, but for most of us it was still too hot to eat.


We liked the decoration of this year’s festival – everything was so colorful, but very tasteful. The atmosphere was completely relaxed and we can say that we had a lot of fun talking about countless topics. The waiter who served us was extremely kind and ready to joke, which we really liked because we needed a break from a hard day’s work. From this central location, we could see just about everything, including our dear cathedral, whose tower is being restored again.

Baš Naš festival in Zagreb Gradec

Some of us decided that they would really like to take photos inside the “photo frame” placed in front of the plateau fence. If you have ever been to any event like this in Zagreb, you will know that a “frame” like this is always placed in that place so that tourists can take photos with the cathedral in the background. The “frame” at BAŠ NAŠ festival this year looks like a postcard, so the photos we took turned out quite interesting, and we could use them as real personalized postcards!

After drink at the festival, we craved ice cream!

Our choice this time was the cake and ice cream shop Pingu Gelato, whose menu shows their motto “We don’t have scoops, we have flavors.” This cake shop captivates with its flavors and ambience, it is located in Tkalčevićeva street (known to everyone as Zagreb’s street of cafes and restaurants). so it is extremely easy to find even for those who do not visit Zagreb too often.

Pingu Gelato

The offer is really diverse, so here you will be able to taste ice creams of different flavors, dairy and non-dairy for vegans, as well as ice cream cus and semifreddo cakes. The prices are slightly higher than in neighborhood cake shops, so you will pay HRK 25 for a semifreddo cake, HRK 14 for a scoop of ice cream, and up to HRK 50 for an ice cream cup, depending on which type you choose. However, we have to mention that it is quite filling food, so we think that the prices are fine. We played it safe this time, so each of us ordered a scoop of ice cream. Considering that the cocktails from the festival filled our stomachs quite a bit, we ate ice cream for quite a long time, but we also enjoyed it. The only problem was that it melted quite quickly because the temperature was still quite high. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we can say that we had a lot of fun and that we will be visiting BAŠ NAŠ festival and this Pingu Gelato in again the coming years.

Your CTC Team, A. M.

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