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How to Travel to Croatia. Find out about 3 main options of travel.

How to travel to Croatia? There are three main options when traveling to Croatia. Air, land, and sea. You can choose whatever you like more.

How to Travel to Croatia by air?

Croatia’s main airport, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, is situated just a few miles from Croatia’s capital, Zagreb.

Zagreb Airport
Zagreb Airport
From there, you can fly to any corner of the country. To the far east by landing on the Osijek’s airport to experience a unique gastro holiday in Slavonia and Barania. Dozens of countryside households keep their doors open for tourists who want to spend a few days in peace while indulging their appetite with unforgettable dishes. If you are going to the coast; then you can choose to land in Istra, Central Dalmatia (Split airport) or, the #1 option for Game of Thrones fans, far south to visit one of the Top 10 World’s destinations – Dubrovnik.

What about the roads?

From west to east. From north to south and then some. New, modern freeways will take you to any place in Croatia. You will be driving through pristine wilderness and witness some of the most breathtaking scenery in this part of the world.

It’s no wonder why so many people opt-in for this option when traveling to Croatia because they want to be able to stop whenever they feel like it and enjoy the sightseeing. Not to mention the #1 advantage of road traveling which is the ultimate freedom to choose where to go and when!

Travel by bus

However, to save on the total cost of holidaying in Croatia, you might choose to travel by bus. This is a popular option for Europeans from every member state. The bus ticket is far cheaper than gas and toll expenses you’ll incur when driving.

People in Bus Traveling to Croatia
People in Bus Traveling to Croatia

Younger visitors, who are looking for some clubbing time in one of the hundreds of nightclubs along the coastline, are choosing buses as their preferred method of transportation.

Or you can jump on your bicycle

It might come as a surprise, but thousands are traveling by their bikes every day. Cycling tourism and arrivals are common and reach far back into the 80s of the last century when first tourists decided to travel to Croatia on their bikes.

Miles and miles of cycling tracks are at your disposal if you were to opt-in for cycling to Croatia.

Riding a Bike in Croatia
Riding a Bike in Croatia

Can you travel to Croatia by train?

Of course. Croatian railroads are connected to the main European routes, from Belgium on the far northwest to Istanbul on the far southeast. You can travel by train from any destination on the Eurasian continent.

Traveling by Train in Croatia
Traveling by Train in Croatia

However, the farthest southeast area you can reach by train is the town of Metković. That is to say that if you are traveling to Dubrovnik, you’ll need to catch the bus from that point or perhaps sooner, from Split or even Zagreb, if you arrived from any of the European or Asian destinations.

Set sails and travel to Croatia by sea

This travel option has been growing in popularity for years now. Equipped with state-of-the-art marinas along the coastline, Croatia is the destination of choice for those looking for a sea adventure. Also, ferries that connect Italy and Croatia, enable you to safely transport your vehicle and cross the Adriatic sea in hours to visit Croatia if you happen to be in Italy. When it comes to ships and ferries, no other country in Europe has so many active lines and vessels. Croatia is the land with a thousand islands and almost each is connected to the mainland and each other with the ship line.
Sail to Croatia
Sail to Croatia

Whatever you choose as the traveling method, one thing is given – you’ll have the time of your life!


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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